1/8" Diameter


1/8” CAT50 End Mill Holders


RMT offers the best 1/8” CAT50 End Mill Holders manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our G2.5 X 25,000RPM certified balancing is our standard while others offer inferior product for a comparable price.  We offer coolant through the spindle and flange capabilities AD+B on all End Mill Holders as standard where our competition does not. With our 0.0002” – 0.0003” TIR, Runout hardened to 58-62HRC, made of High-Quality Chrome Alloy Steel, Taper Shank ground to AT3 or better and Bright Mirror finish you can count on our quality every time.   Each holder comes with a certified inspection and Balancing certificate to ensure our customers confidence in our products. Overall, we offer the best products at the best price in the market.

1/8" Diameter
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