How to make a Fixture in your CNC Machine with Toggle Clamps

How to make a Fixture in your CNC Machine with Toggle Clamps

Posted by RMT on Feb 1st 2023

1.Begin by gathering the necessary materials and tools for the fixture, including toggle clamps, a CNC machine, and any other necessary components such as brackets or mounting plates.

2.Design the fixture in a CAD program to ensure proper placement and alignment of the toggle clamps on the CNC machine.

3.Cut the necessary pieces for the fixture using the CNC machine, making sure to pay close attention to the design and proper dimensions.

4.Assemble the fixture by attaching the toggle clamps to the bracket or mounting plate using the appropriate hardware.

5.Mount the fixture onto the CNC machine, ensuring that it is securely attached and properly aligned on the bed of the machine.

6.Adjust the toggle clamps as necessary to secure the workpiece in place. Make sure to keep sage distance away from the spindle to prevent crashing.

7.Test the fixture by running a test piece through the CNC machine to ensure proper alignment and clamping of the workpiece.

8.Make any necessary adjustments to the fixture to ensure that it is working properly.

9.Once the fixture is working properly, it can be used for production runs on the CNC machine.

Note: Safety precautions should be taken, such as wearing safety goggles, gloves and dust mask, also before starting the machine make sure it is properly calibrated and maintained.